Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

DIE CUTTING: Loose pieces, cut to a variety of shapes and sizes using steel rule and rotary dies. Close tolerance is achieved cut after cut as the accuracy is built into the die.

SLITTING: Rewind or baloney slitting to your specified widths. A variety of materials, both adhesive backed and non-adhesive backed, may be slit to width.

SCORE-CUT/ PERFORATIONS: Release liners may be cut through providing a “crack-n-peel” backing. This allows easy removal of kisscutt parts. Perforations are also available to aid in part or liner separation

KISS CUTTING: The same close tolerance parts as die cutting, except these parts are left on a release liner and provided in roll or pad form.

LAMINATING: Joining two or more layers, up to 48″ wide, of foams, films, paper or foil, using pressure-sensitive adhesive products

CUT-OFF: Roll or strip materials cut to specific lengths, ready to use in your plant. You can replace costly and inaccurate hand cutting with economical, precise, pre-cut lengths.

ZONE LAMINATION: Adhesive tapes can be selectively placed on other substrates creating an area with PSA and area without PSA.

MATERIAL TESTING: Lab test results can be provided for specialty items that require test data not covered in current data sheets

FIRST ARTICLE REPORTS: We perform initial inspection reports as well as other inspection criteria such as Cpk’s. Gauge R&R’s, warrant letters, and PFMEA’s if required.

EMI SHIELDING APPLICATIONS: Copper, aluminum, and tin plated copper tapes with conductive or non-conductive adhesives can be converted to size. Precut shapes easily fit around pin connectors, cables, transformers, and relays to contain signals emitted from components preventing interference with other components.

FRICTION CONTROL: Do you want a material to slide easily over another surface? Die cut Teflon* or UHMW* could be the answer. May be you want just the opposite-no slippage at all. Give us a call. We have skid resistant and surface protection products you need.

CUSHIONING APPLICATIONS: Rubber, foam, and felt can have adhesive laminated to provide the cushion/vibration control you require. We will match the appropriate durometer and adhesive to yield solutions for your applications.

MASKING APPLICATIONS: Have an irregular surface to mask off? A precut masking tape may be the solution. Specify the temperature range, solvent resistance, and conformability you require, and we will provide the appropriate samples and data sheets for approval.

BONDING APPLICATIONS: Instead of screws, rivets, or liquid adhesives, try a double coated tape. The latest tape and converting technology provides low cost, quick assembly solutions, without requiring tools or clean up.